Who is Mikayla Campinos? Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height (2024)

Mikayla Campinos, a dynamic figure in the realm of social media, has carved out a niche for herself as a versatile personality across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her captivating presence, coupled with her knack for creating engaging content, has garnered her a substantial following and earned her the titles of Social Media Personality, Model, and Influencer.

Behind the glossy façade of her digital persona lies a complex and multifaceted individual whose fans are eager to unravel the layers of her personal life, professional journey, and current relationship status.

As her influence continues to expand, so too does the curiosity surrounding the woman behind the screen. Beyond the carefully curated images and viral videos lies a narrative waiting to be explored—a narrative that encompasses the triumphs and challenges of a young woman navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital fame.

Who is Mikayla Campinos? Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height (1)

Birthday, Sister

Mikayla Campinos, a name that resonates with millions of followers across various digital platforms, has carved out a niche for herself in the realm of social media. Known for her captivating presence and engaging content, she has earned the titles of Social Media Personality, Model, and Influencer.

Born on November 17, 2006, in Canada, Mikayla Campinos is currently 17 years old. Despite her young age, she has already achieved much in her life. Raised in a well-established Canadian family, values of hard work and determination were instilled in her from a young age. She has a younger sister named Ava. She is known for her mikaylacampinos Instagram account, which consists of selfies and street art. One of her most popular TikToks is about difficult social dynamics with friends.


Mikayla’s primary education took place at a local high school in Canada, where she excelled academically while also participating actively in extracurricular activities such as sports teams and volunteering opportunities. After completing her primary education, she enrolled at a nearby private university, where she continues to excel academically while participating in various campus clubs and organizations.

Mikayla Campinos Bio/Wiki

Who is Mikayla Campinos? Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height (2)
Full NameMikayla Campinos
Date of BirthNovember 17, 2006
Age17 years old
ProfessionSocial Media Personality, Model, Influencer
Known ForHer TikTok account ‘ltsmikaylacampinos’ where she posts makeup and beauty content, situational humor, and trends
FamilyShe has a younger sister named Ava
EducationAttended a local high school in Canada and is currently enrolled at a nearby private university
Social ConnectionsInstagram- @mikaylacampinos

Homepage- Newsinbollywood

A Rising Star in the Digital Realm

Mikayla Campinos, a Canadian content creator, has made a name for herself in the world of social media, particularly on TikTok and Instagram. Her journey to stardom began on TikTok, where she established her account and consistently uploaded engaging content for her followers. Her videos primarily revolve around makeup and beauty-related tutorials, comedy skits, and trending topics that keep her audience hooked.

Mikayla’s makeup tutorials are nothing short of amazing, with each video showcasing her expertise in creating stunning looks for different occasions. From natural everyday looks to bold party styles, she knows how to work with colors and textures to bring out the best features of any face.

Beyond beauty tips, Mikayla Campinos entertains her audience with situational humor videos that touch on relatable topics like relationships, school life, or current events. Her comedic timing, combined with witty captions, makes these videos an instant hit among viewers.

One of her most popular videos was posted in February 2022. In this particular video, she used audio from a famous rapper named “Yung Lean”. This video garnered a lot of attention from fans all over the world who appreciated Mikayla’s creativity and humor.

Apart from being active on TikTok, she also has her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos about various life aspects. Currently, she has only uploaded three videos on her channel yet, but one of them stands out with an impressive 1.8k views. The video is based on “Sleepover”, which showcases how much fun it can be when friends get together for some quality time.

Her influence extends beyond TikTok. Her Instagram account, @mikaylacampinos, swiftly grew to over 288K followers. The account consists of selfies and street art, reflecting her keen eye for aesthetics.

Physical Stats

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 48 kilograms
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Body Measurements: 34-26-34 inches
  • Skin Color: Not found
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Shoe Size: 8 (US)

Love Life

Mikayla Campinos, the rising star in the digital realm, has managed to keep her love life private. Despite the curiosity of her dedicated fanbase, she has chosen not to share details about her intimate relationships with the public. As of now, whether she is in a relationship or single remains undisclosed.

In recent years, there were rumors that Mikayla Campinos was entangled in a high-profile romance with a fellow influencer. Their relationship reportedly blossomed under the scrutiny of the public eye, as they shared glimpses of their affection through heartfelt posts and public appearances. However, these rumors were never confirmed by her or her alleged partner.

Her decision to keep her love life private is not uncommon among celebrities, especially those who rose to fame at a young age. The constant scrutiny and pressure that come with a public relationship can be overwhelming, and many choose to keep this aspect of their lives away from the public eye.

While her fans are undoubtedly eager to know more about her love life, Mikayla’s decision to keep these details private must be respected. After all, everyone deserves the right to privacy, and celebrities are no exception. As she continues to navigate her path in the spotlight, it’s clear that she’s doing so on her own terms, maintaining a balance between her public persona and her private life.

Who is Mikayla Campinos? Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height (3)

Net Worth in 2024

YearNet Worth
2022$1 Million
2023$1.1 Million
2024$1.2 Million

Mikayla Campinos is more than just a social media sensation. She is a young woman with dreams, aspirations, and a story waiting to be told. As we unravel the mysteries of her world, we discover the essence of what makes her a true icon of the digital age.


Mikayla Campinos

Who is Mikayla Campinos? Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Height (2024)
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